My name is Pontus and I am a professional outdoor commercial photographer and videographer. Photography and video is my passion and I strive to tell meaningful stories and show unique perspectives through my art. I mostly shoot different kind of adventures and portraits. 

I am currently based in Nykvarn, a small town situated about 45 minutes from the Swedish capital Stockholm. 

I am privleged to have worked with amazing brands and people over my career such as Långholmen Kajak, Havspaddeln, MixMedia Production, Nykvarns County, Maria Dufva, Ride the Verdon and Stensund Folkhögskola. 

I am also honored to represent Focus Nordic, one of Europes leading camera gear distributors, as one of their official brand ambassadors. 

Feel free to send me a message down below or contact me through either pontus.stigberg@gmail.com or +4672 557 40 46. Lets connect!

Portrait of Pontus Stigberg

Some images of me on assignment and behind the scenes

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